The Hexpod concept consists of a range of highly versatile, standardised pre-fabricated panels made from high strength architectural precast concrete. The innovative design enables a modern building solution suitable for both residential and commercial purposes which can be rapidly deployed and constructed. The Hexpod house - the first product to be brought to market - is a robust and resilient product with exceptional fire and flood resistance, and acoustic performance. There are a range of flexible layout options catering for affordable or mainstream housing and even a ‘grand designs’ type of bespoke property. Hexpod can provide customers with either a watertight motgageable shell or a fully completed ‘turn-key’ housing solution.

Hexpod is based near Taunton, Somerset but can call on the resources from Garenne Construction Group of which if forms part. We have a wealth of specialist talent within group companies including main contracting, commercial refurbishment , shop-fitting, civil, structural and marine engineering, architectural pre-cast concrete, specialist stonework and facilities management.

Key benefits: -


Manufactured off-site

Embracing modern methods of construction, reducing waste and environmental impact of the construction process.                                                                             

Environmental benefits from cradle to grave

A Hexpod house has an extended design life compared to traditional construction methods. Using the thermal mass of concrete can lower the running costs and M&E required in a building.  A Hexpod house can be altered, extended or even dismantled and moved to another site.

Mortgagable envelope solution

A Hexpod house comes complete with windows, doors and a roof, providing a fully sealed and warrantied building.                                                                             

Unique and flexible

An exciting design concept with useable roof space, terrace or balcony areas, as well as interesting and practical room layouts.



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Robust and durable

Constructed from high strength pre-cast concrete, the Hexpod house is flood resistant, well suited to flood risk areas and has exceptional fire resistant performance.

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Better to make, build and live in

A set of standard components made in a factory setting, eliminating many health and safety risks and resulting in a superior and comfortable living environment.